Events 2016

  • May 28-30

    Artois 2016, France
    Event Now Full
    (Closed event*)
    Register interest here
    Ride Leader: Nick

  • June 10

    Day Trippers, France
    Event Now Full
    (Member event*)
    Open to all C&F H.O.G. members, new riders especially welcome. Register interest here
    Ride Leader: Andrew

  • June 16-19

    Premier Chapter Event
    Event Now Full
    25th European H.O.G. Rally. Portoroz, Slovenia

    (Closed event*)
    Minimum C&F Bronze rocker required to participate
    Register interest here
    Ride Leaders: John & Colin

  • June 19

    Staycation Ride³
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Michael

  • July 17

    Lock Stock
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Nick

  • August 6

    Motorsport Saturday
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Steve

  • August 14

    Last of the Summer Wine
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Paul

  • September 1-4

    Champers 2016, France
    (Closed event*)
    Minimum C&F Silver rocker required to participate
    Register interest here
    Ride Leader: Nick

  • September 11

    Given the Boot
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Steve

  • September 15-18

    Lobster Run, France
    (Closed event*)
    Register interest here
    Ride Leader: Paul

  • October 16

    Essex ENSA
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Fred

  • November 13

    Remembrance Sunday
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Michael

  • December 11

    Smiths Meet

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    *Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities, all activities are identified as follows:

    Closed events are those chapter events, which are open to chapter members and one guest per member.

    Member events are events that are open only to H.O.G. members.

    Open events are those chapter events, which are open to chapter members, international H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.

    If you are interested in becoming a H.O.G.® chapter member, contact us here.

    †Registering interest in an event does not guarantee participation.


  • The history of Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G.’s Sponsoring Dealership

  • C&F H.O.G. History

    A brief history of C&F H.O.G. Chapter 9085

  • DVLA Dating Letters

    Approved by DVLA Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. are able to issue an Age Certificate. Click here for details.


Welcome to Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G.

Next ride out:
Staycation Ride³ 19th June 2016

Arrive at Warr’s Harley-Davidson on Kings Road by 09.00hrs. Pre-ride briefing is at 09.30hrs prompt. GATES CLOSE AT 09.30hrs. Our policy is no briefing - no ride, so please arrive on time, with a full tank, to avoid disappointment.

The continuing sequel
For those of you not lucky enough to be able to travel to Slovenia for the Chapter’s premier event of 2016, come instead on a circular jaunt through Surrey’s finest countryside ending up at virtually the highest point in Kent. You will enjoy a leafy 80-mile loop, taking rest stops in Surrey’s finest hostelries and petrol stations.

Click here for more event details.

Your ride leader is Michael Howers - C&F Road Captain

Important information:

  • C&F H.O.G. operate a “No brief, no ride” policy and we will enforce this, so to avoid disappointment, please do not arrive late for the briefing
  • Allow plenty time for signing in
  • Bring your C&F H.O.G. Chapter membership card
  • Bringing a valid H.O.G. member card is obligatory
  • Ensure your bike is refuelled before departure
  • This is an official ride and qualifies towards the C&F riders patch and Precious Metal Rockers, more here
  • C&F H.O.G. ride outs - an explanation for new riders to the group.

FREE C&F H.O.G. Chapter membership card

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If you’d like to join the Chelsea & Fulham Riders Facebook group click here and ask to join.

Please note: The Chelsea & Fulham Riders Facebook group is a closed Facebook group so if you are not connected to Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. in any way - please don’t ask to join. Only those who consider C&F to be their primary H.O.G. group and hold a C&F H.O.G. Chapter membership card will be accepted into C&F Riders.

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Monthly meeting

The C&F H.O.G. monthly social gathering (from 7pm, first Thursday of every month) is held at The Rose, opposite the Warr’s King’s Road showroom.

Precious Metal Rockers - Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum

Got your Rider patch? You’re now ready to start working towards your exclusive Precious Metal Rockers. These don’t come easy but they show your commitment to theC&FChapter and are the ultimate membership symbol.

H.O.G. UK Membership

Chelsea & Fulham Harley Owners Group Chapter is an open membership Group with no obligations, dues or responsibilities for the members. Any Harley-Davidson Motorcycle owner, with valid H.O.G. UK membership, can buy a Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. patch and hey presto you’re a Chapter member. That’s always been our style and we plan to keep this laid-back, informal approach.

We do insist of course that you are a fully paid up member of H.O.G. When you attend our events bring your H.O.G. card with you because we’ll be asking for your membership number quite a lot, for example before a ride out or when enrolling on one of our trips.

H.O.G. membership comes with a myriad of benefits, not least the ability for you to enjoy the company of like minded Harley enthusiasts in an organised, safe and insured membership structure. For further details and to enrol, please use the online H.O.G. application.