Events 2017

  • A C&F or Meridian Chapter membership card will be required to participate in ALL Chapter events

  • July 16

    The Chocolate Box
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Jonathan

  • August 5

    Super Sausage Racing Saturday
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Steve

  • August 13

    Orchard Run
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Paul

  • Aug 31-3 Sep

    Grape Expectations, France
    (Closed event*)
    Minimum C&F Silver rocker required to participate
    Register interest here
    Ride Leader: Nick

  • September 17

    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Steve

  • October 15

    Trick or Treat
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: DOF

  • November 12

    Remembrance Sunday
    (Member event*)
    Ride Leader: Michael

  • December 10

    Smiths Meet

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    *Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. Visit our home page for more information.

    †Registering interest in an event does not guarantee participation.


Contact Us

To sign up for events and continental trips† please email
candfhog ’at’

Include in your email the following:

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  • > Full Name
  • > Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. Chapter Chapter Member Number
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