Articles - 2004

  • Ride to Breakfast  11th January 2004

    Rain wot rain? One new and 16 old hands were up for it - Ride Leader: Colin Houliston

  • Convergence Run  14th March 2004

    Apologies to the Beatles - Ride Leader: Peter Scott

  • Ace Café Run  14th April 2004

    Oh No! is that the North circular? scary... - Ride Leader: Peter Scott

  • Gascony Trip  5-9 May 2004

    Foie gras, anyone...?

  • Garden of England  16th May 2004

    The first major run organised out of the Mottingham Showroom was spectacular - Ride Leader: Dave Mann

  • Sammy Miller Run  13th June 2004

    Went the day well? - Ride Leader: Michael Howers

  • The Dawn Patrol  20th June 2004

    “Cabbage crates over the Briny, anyone?” - Ride Leader: Neil Wilson-Harris

  • Warr’s 80th Anniversary Ride  4th July 2004

    Riding and partying C&F style - Ride Leader: Neil Wilson-Harris

  • End to End  11th July 2004

    Two dealerships two rides... - Ride Leader: Nick Page

  • Olympic Run  15th August 2004

    C&F have a smashing time in deepest Surrey - Ride Leader: Steve Beauchamp

  • Stow on the Wold  12th September 2004

    Cotswold run aborted due to Civil War - Ride Leader: Richard Beake

  • Hoggin the Bridge V  18th October 2004

    Thousands get ready to rumble - Ride Leader: Dave Mann

  • Remembrance Day  14th November 2004

    Such a perfect day - Ride Leader: Peter Scott

  • Breakfast Run  12th January 2004

    Record turnout for annual chow down - Ride Leader: Colin Houliston

  • Warr’s - 80 Years of Harley-Davidson

    Two World Wars, three generations and AMF! It’s quite a story...