Calm Water

13th May 2018

First and foremost I would like to say a huge thank you to the Road Captains that came along on the Recce Ride, without your help, time and effort none of these Sunday Rides would be possible. Equally important, thank you to all the members of C&F H.O.G. that came along on Sunday and made for a fantastic ride, I trust you all had a great time. There were 46 bikes and a grand total of 49 members on the ride.

Ray gave the ride briefing after I’d contracted a throat infection during the week, thanks for stepping up and doing such a fine job. It was the second time in two months that we’ve turned right onto the Kings Road and headed up towards the A4, although this time we carried on until the A40 (Western Avenue). Quite a tricky junction after Westfield Shopping Centre, thanks to Andrew Eborn, for setting off early and marking that junction, getting everybody safely on their way west.

The weather forecast on Saturday night, was predicting a very wet start to Sunday morning but we weren’t having any of that. It was under a light grey sky that we thundered along the M40 and onto the A413 towards Wendover. Heading north on the B4009 we passed RAF Halton the school of Royal Air Force recruit training, where you have to use caution with children and troops crossing the road, that’s troops in a very loose sense of the word. It was all about country B roads as we made our way past Wilstone and Tring reservoirs on the B489 and then the road opens up and we can enjoy the speed as we head past Pitstone Hill, before our coffee stop at the Travellers Rest, Edlesborough. The staff did a great job, supplying us with strong coffee and rather nice biscuit, I have it on good authority the lemon tea was rather splendid too. Unfortunately one of our number didn’t quite make it that far, after the engine decided it needed a little more air and blew a hole in the crankcase, hope you managed to return home safely and also well done to Guy, who coaxed his sportster along for the whole journey with only half a gear selector. Both of you need to have a chat with Rob Warr at 611KR, I’m sure he’ll have something in the showroom to interest you.

After the short break we got together for the ‘Group Photo’ and then mounted up and headed off into the Buckinghamshire countryside. Roads on this half of the ride were a lot faster with some great views. After the fuel stop we went to Wing, Cublington, Whitchurch, Winslow, Buckingham, crossing the A5 at Old Stratford it was then a short ride along the A405 before turning off to Stoke Bruerne and the Canal Museum. From the car park we had a choice of two pubs, a café, an Indian and an English restaurant, not a bad choice for such a tiny village. We ended the afternoon with great company some lovely sunshine, warming temperatures and a pleasant ride home.

It was a real pleasure to lead this Chelsea and Fulham Sunday ride-out and I would like to thank all involved for making the effort in clearly marking junctions and waiting for the all important last man, thank you DOF for doing such a great job.

Next ride is The return of the Rawhide, on Sunday 10th June and led by DOF.

Steve Graham - C&F Road Captain


Calm Water