Super Sausage Racing Saturday

5th August 2017

Super Sausage Racing Saturday

I awoke early on the morning of my ride to the Super Sausage Cafe, looked out of the window to see cars cutting through the water on the rain soaked road. No problem, skies are clearing by the time I’m ready for the short run to the Ace Cafe, there’s blue sky and warm sunshine.

Worried that nobody would show up for the ride out once they’d seen the weather forecast, my fears were laid to rest, even though I was close to two hours early ,I wasn’t the first one there. After struggling for 20 minutes to set up the swipe in system on the PC, success! I can finally swipe in the six of us that are sat around the table. It’s 25 minutes to 9 and a steady stream of Harley-Davidson’s rumble into the car park. Ride brief time caught me by surprise, time flies when chatting with friends about riding our awesome machines.

I welcome those present and thank them for attending, interruption #1. OK I haven’t started the route description, so yes you can join the ride! Interruption #2 ‘Birthday Boy’ Vince decides to act very much younger than his very senior years, briefing eventually completed we get ready to depart.

Heading out on the A40 and then the A413 it’s the same as last years run then all change as we head north towards Wing from Amersham, while enjoying the sunshine and blue sky. It's only 31 miles to the coffee stop but with 10 miles to go the weather is beginning to change, it’s getting a little cooler and the sky is full of dark clouds. We arrived at The Travellers Rest, Edlesborough, around 11 o’clock for coffee and biscuits, a big thank you to them for opening an hour early, just for us!

Super Sausage Racing Saturday

We had the group photo taken at the coffee break so we could get everyone in as two of the group left at this point. Coffee drunk. we head off on the final 31 miles to the Super Sausage Cafe and within minutes the heavens opened, it remained wet for the next 20 miles. Well done to everyone for your excellent riding skills this was a particularly difficult route, great views and great roads but not the easiest to ride especially in the wet. As we closed on the cafe things started to dry up a bit and we arrived on dry roads.

The cafe staff were delighted to see us as the poor weather had kept the patron numbers low, even though the queue for lunch stretched out of the entrance at one point and the fact the lady taking the orders was also preparing the drinks didn’t speed things along any. Still the wait was more than worth it, Sausage, egg and chips, oh yes!

Super Sausage Racing Saturday

My thanks to everyone who came along on the ride, I hope you enjoyed it especially those who were on a C&F H.O.G. ride for the first time. Special thanks go to Fred for last man duties, Les and Jonathan as roving marshal’s, these events are a team effort and their success isn't down to an individual.

Steve Graham - C&F Road Captain


Photographs courtesy of C&F Photographer Steve Graham