Overseas rides

General etiquette

  • > Be familiar with riding in groups, maintaining safe distances and staggered formation where appropriate.
  • > Understand and be familiar with Buddy Riding System. See below.
  • > Be able to ride in wet conditions with suitable clothing.
  • > Be able to ride at the national limit as necessary and where safe/appropriate.
  • > Unless waved through, strictly no overtaking each other in the group.
  • > Drink responsibly so as not to endanger yourself or others.
  • > Understand that if the group is maintaining a more progressive speed that you should wave riders through - to take up a position at the rear and thereby not split the group.
  • > Understand that, should you be unable to maintain the group pace, the ride official may request that you complete the journey to the agreed destination by yourself. See below.
  • > Have full roadside repair / recovery / repatriation insurance cover.
  • > Your motorcycle must be in full legal and serviceable working order, particularly brakes and tyres.


Last man Drop Off (The ‘Buddy’ system)

This system is more suitable for smaller rides. The ride is led by a Ride Leader. The following riders do not mark every junction but instead maintain contact with the rider ‘buddy’ to their immediate rear. If a deviation from route is taken and the riders ’buddy’ is not yet in sight the rider will stop to mark the turn. They then continue his/her ride as soon as their ‘buddy’ comes into view and has seen the junction. This way the ride order is maintained throughout the ride.


Leaving the group

If a rider appears to be having difficulty maintaining the ride pace for mechanical or other reasons a ride official may signal to that rider to pull over and stop in the same way as a Ride Leader would mark a drop off. The rest of the ride should then pass. They will then assess the situation and decide whether the rider should continue as part or separate to the group. If the rider is to travel separate to the group a ride official or experienced group rider will be happy to accompany them to ensure they reach the group’s destination. Ultimately the decision will rest with the ride official and the guidelines are for the enjoyment and safety of the group as a whole.



Each rider is responsible for his or her safety at all times before, during and after each and every ride. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, its affiliates and allied companies, The Harley Owners Group and Warr’s of London, their employees and officers accept no responsibility for your safety or actions or the actions of others at any time.


Things to pack

Click to download a list of suggested items to pack before venturing abroad.