Bull & Butcher

15th April 2007

About 60 bikes set out from Warr’s on a glorious spring morning and headed west courtesy of the A40. A few showing great initiative decided to head up the M40, instead of turning off at the Denham roundabout into the country. I can't say that I blame them because the road led directly to Old Trafford, where our neighbours were playing later in the day. I hope they enjoyed watching the Blues as much as I would have! With Paul Wiggins as last man we wiggled our way down country roads towards Burnham Beeches, well that was the idea anyway! Unbeknown to me it seems that we had a slight problem with the drop off system with one rider deserting his post and another directing riders towards the Swiss Alps!! All was going swimmingly up front though but as I dropped off 3 riders in quick succession I was perturbed that only 3 riders were behind me. I retracked the route and managed to round up 6 more lost sheep, including the Orin and a lady on her first ride.

What else to do but to push on in the hope that we could regroup ahead, I led the mottley crew to The Chequers Inn at Bourne End where we could rest up, and hit the phone. Then music as I heard the rumble coming down the lane, and jumping into the road I saw Peter ‘Scottie’ Scott leading the group. I now know what Wellington felt when Blucher arrived! We then learnt that a Japenese newcomer was still at his post just after Denham, so off went Scottie to find him as I led the remainder of the group towards Marlow, Stockenchurch and Turville via some of the prettiest countryside in the land. Upon arriving at a very busy Bull and Butcher we met up with another break away group who Buzz had managed to coral together, although they came at the village from another direction, they seemed to have enjoyed their journey, all with the exception of my dear friend Orin, who honoured me greatly by saying that “...you are simply the worst Road Captain ever...” Finally, more than 5 minutes of fame.

Lovely food and a pint followed, but then further drama we heard that one of our virgin riders had broken down a mile back. Off went another saviour to pick her up.

My sincerest thanks go out to all those who helped, Paul Wiggins, Michael Howers, Charles ‘Buzz’ Lewis spring to mind, but as is so often the case Scottie deserves special mention, he was brilliant and worthy of my best player award - which this week happened to be my last sausage!

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this... 1) Ensure that your bike is fully serviced and roadworthy; 2) Listen to the briefing; 3) And Don’t, DON’T under any circumstances leave your drop off post until the last man arrives...

Charlie Pearch - C&F Road Captain