Gold Rocker

  • Andrew Eborn
  • Andrew Noakes
  • Andrew Papas
  • Colin Houliston
  • Dan Riman
  • Dave Mann
  • David Hogg
  • David O’Flaherty
  • Fred Woolcott
  • Gareth Smith
  • Gary France
  • Gavin Caddick
  • Graham Willard
  • Guy Ingram
  • Jane Deal
  • Janet Jones
  • John Castleman
  • John Moran
  • John Pryke
  • John Warr
  • Jonathan Gooch
  • Justin Webster
  • Keith Jones
  • Les Channing
  • Lynn Gunn
  • Mario Cilia
  • Michael Howers
  • Mick Newstead
  • Nick Deal
  • Nicky Newstead
  • Nigel Gaskin
  • Oliver Achkar
  • Oren Barrie
  • Paul Turney
  • Paul Wiggins
  • Peter Rogers
  • Ray Campbell
  • Richard Beake
  • Richard Biddle
  • Richard Courval
  • Richard Ruffell-Hazell
  • Rob Warr
  • Steve Graham
  • Sarah Howard-Smith
  • Terry Ferguson
  • Vince Barber
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C&F Rider Patch & Rockers

Rider Patch &
Precious Metal Rockers©

Chelsea & Fulham Harley Owners Group Chapter is an open membership Group with no obligations, dues or responsibilities for the members.

Any Harley-Davidson Motorcycle owner, with valid H.O.G. membership and a FREE Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. Chapter Chapter membership card can be a Chapter member. That’s always been our style and we plan to keep this laid-back, informal approach.

However, there are those who show up rain or shine for rides, are seen regularly at the monthly meetings and endeavour to make things happen for the Chapter. In order to acknowledge these members, we’ve created the ‘RIDER’ patch. Here’s how to qualify:


  • Hold a valid Harley Owners Group membership card
  • Hold a FREE C&F H.O.G. Chapter membership card
  • Attend 2 C&F H.O.G. Chapter approved rides within a 12 month period
  • Complete page 1 and 2 of this application form.

Precious Metal Rockers©

Got your RIDER patch? You’re now ready to start working towards your exclusive Precious Metal Rockers©. These don’t come easy but they show your commitment to the Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. Chapter. Here’s how to qualify:


  • Attend 3 additional Chapter approved Sunday rides
  • Complete page 1 and 3 of this application form


  • Hold a RIDER patch and Bronze Rocker
  • Attend 5 additional Chapter approved Sunday rides
  • Participate in 1 Chapter approved continental trip
  • Attend a safe riding course - such as BikeSafe
  • Be proposed by 2 existing Silver rocker owners
  • Complete page 1 and 4 of this application form


  • Hold a RIDER patch and Bronze & Silver Rockers
  • Attend 10 additional Chapter approved Sunday rides
  • Participate in 2 overnight Chapter approved continental trips
  • Pass either IAM* or RoSPA riding course
  • Be proposed by 3 existing Gold rocker owners
  • Complete page 1 and 5 of this application form

*Before committing to an IAM Skills for Life package Nick Deal, C&F’s Safety Officer can provide a pre-joining IAM ride for hints ’n tips similar to Bikesafe. Please email him at nickonthemove ‘at’ for further information.


  • At the discretion of the Sponsoring Dealer